The Rudolf & Schirmers, LTD is an international investment conglomerate owned by Rudolf Schirmer Ampofo-Domfeh and Lovelace Schirmer Ampofo-Domfeh.

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Our Brands

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Our Brands:

Schirms (Fashion)

SCHIRMS is a multinational brand owned and managed internationally by The Schirmers Group, Inc. and distributed in Ghana and Africa by Augson Trading. We currently design and produce footwear, clothing lines, underwear and accessories, and has become one of the biggest and best brands internationally. We provide high quality and excellent products, and yet at affordable rates.

Schirmer Hotels & Resorts

Schirmer Hotels is a brand of five-star luxury hotels, guest houses and resorts with a mission of providing extraordinary customer experiences and luxury accommodations. Our exceptionally designed hotels are iconic and puts our guests at the heart of each destination and in comfort.


Schirms Estates & Apartments

Schirms is passionate to be the preeminent developer of both affordable and luxury real estate and is responsible for the finest portfolio of residential properties in Ghana. It is the mission of the Schirmer brand to elevate the Ghanaian standard of living.

Schirms “MILC”

In order to fulfill the logistics potential of the Republic of Ghana, a decision was taken with regard to the establishment of a private logistics operator that would be able to maintain significant freight traffic flows in Ghana, West Africa and other AU Countries. SCHIRMS “MILC” is an Investment Project involving the “Construction of Multimodal Industrial and Logistics Complex” for the purposes of development of logistics system for optimal conversion of cargo flows, processing and transfer of goods from manufacturers to consumers in the country, ECOWAS and other AU markets.


Augson Smart Hostels

This is chain of students housing facilities in various universities and colleges own by Augson Global and operated by Augson Real Estates.

Augson Markets

This is a chain of off-price departmental stores owned and operated by Augson Trading.


This is infant formula and dairy products brand manufactured in Belarus imported and distributed in Ghana by Augson Trading. We also deal in bulk distribution of other food and drink products.