The Rudolf & Schirmers, LTD is an international investment conglomerate owned by Rudolf Schirmer Ampofo-Domfeh and Lovelace Schirmer Ampofo-Domfeh.

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Investment Portfolio

DIverse Array of Investment


Our diverse array of holdings ranges from four parent companies to over sixteen subsidiaries. With roots in Ghana, The R&S span the globe. The multicultural mix of our executives and staffs reflects the diversity and reach of our operations.

Our Portfolio:



It is a Ghanaian integrated oil and gas division of Augson Global. Its business activities cover crude oil, natural gas, and petroleum product marketing, and international crude oil and product trading.

Trading; Import/Export, Wholesale, Retail

All companies under the R&S engages in General Trading/ Supplies & Imports/Exports sectors. We engage in bulk purchase, Wholesale and Retail services to our clients and customers.


Transport and Haulage

Augson Global provides reliable, safe and efficient road transportation services throughout Ghana and beyond, render other complementary services through effective capital acquisition and human resource development. In fulfillment of these objectives, the management of Augson Transport & Haulage has systematically acquired more modern and technologically advanced machinery improved and diversified its expertise over the year to provide a total road transport and haulage services.


Real Estates Development and services

The Schirmer Investments and Augson Global engages in these activities; creating and managing that beautiful, serene, conducive, luxury and affordable housing for Ghanaians. We believe that, Ghana can be beautiful if we would create a very appealing physical environment, which would be affordable for all Ghanaians to patronize. We’re currently inviting investors across the globe to partner with us to build an ultra-modern city named. At Schirmer Realty, we are committed to providing our clients the highest level of luxury real estate services along with the best marketing resources and support. Our renowned brand combined with our team’s unparalleled breadth of experience provides the properties we represent with the ultimate exposure to the most discerning buyers. Our success will to reflect our firm’s proven record of luxury and comfort sales.

Equipment & Engineering Services

Augson Global through its subsidiary imports, assemble and service farms tractors and other agricultural machineries, automobile dealership and heavy equipment in Ghana.


A subsidiary company of Augson Global establishes, manages and maintains farms and processing complex in Ghana. Processing is an essential part of the birds and animal production value chain. Ghana and some parts of West African countries have always been short of processed meat products, especially chicken and pork, and it will continue to be even so, because of the emerging importation cut down policy by government.

Media and Entertainment

This is a business subsidiary solely owned by Augson Global to undertake operations in arts and entertainment industry. Today, AMP has three distinct divisions each operating in diversified portfolios. AMP and its divisions; AMP News Digital, AMP Features and AMP Promotions, are feeding people all over Ghana and the world with information that educates and entertains.